Hines Foundation Inc.

Our story...

The HINES Foundation Inc. was founded in April 2020. However, our Founders and Board Members have contributed to investing education, time, and resources into the improving the inner city communities of Richmond, Virginia for over 5 years! As a Richmond Public Schools graduate and teacher, Louquanda Hines partnered with a well respected and devoted community coach and mentor, Edmonte Shands, to lead and organize an organization that can HELP INDIVIDUALS TO NETWORK, EXPLORE, AND SUCCEED. We are dedicated to work with and for the community, by providing free resources and programs that will improve the quality of life for minorities residing in the inner city of Richmond, Virginia.

Our mission

Growing up in the inner city of Richmond, Virginia has both advantages and disadvantages. One thing that is evident is the academic, technological, and achievement gap affecting minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics.
During adolescence currently face achievement gaps and “generational curses” that were passed down by parents and ancestors. As the Executive Director of this nonprofit organization, it is my goal to educate African Americans of all ages and inner city youth on our rich history and countless amount of opportunities we have if we tap into our own potential.
This organization pledges to serve African Americans in the Richmond community, more specifically those who are in low-income families, high crime rated neighborhoods, and those who may benefit from assistance with changing their mindset from fixed to growth.

Our goals

  • Transition Trunk Drive/Scholarship
  • Triple H - Helping Our Homeless Homies
  • HINES One Life at a Time Mentoring Program (5th - 12th grade)
  • Explore(ages 5-20)
  • Straight FACS