Hines Foundation Inc.

HINES the Educator

Teaching is so rewarding. A lot of people expect teachers to enjoy the summer vacations and paid time off. However, the thing that I love most about teaching are considered intrinsic rewards. The relationships I form with students and the daily opportunity to impact and shape young minds is the best feeling in the world.  If one teaches for money, they will soon quit! Not only are  teachers underpaid but we also have to provide our own resources for instruction. But again, if one is teaching for money, find another job quick! Teaching is a profession where you have to be passionate in order to have job satisfaction. 

I just LOVE how my former students still call me for advice, trust me to support their future business ideas, check on me, have faith in me to help them gain access to resources, and just keep me updated on their lives. They  make me wanna cry sometimes. Continue to be great and remember to, “Have no fear, HINES is here!”. 

This first blog post is dedicated all of my former students, whether I was your favorite teacher or not. Some of you I taught during my first year of teaching!!! You all constantly teach me how to be a better teacher and person everyday. Every student I have, and even those who I’ve never taught but still find their way to me, becomes a part of my heart and life forever. As a graduate in John Marshall’s Class of 2011, I remember being in the seats they are in and I know firsthand what it may be like to have little to no parental support, struggling to meet basic needs, and having someone to vent and talk to. I pledge to be that person that I needed for all of my students! 

Having my former students as interns and assistants for my nonprofit, which they have heard me speak about for years, is so rewarding! It’s really saving me money on my organization’s expenses but also helping to them to build their resume and gain a host of workplace readiness skills.  I’m forever grateful for my board members and former students who will be helping me stay organized and manage the nonprofit! 

Thank you to EVERY STUDENT I’VE EVER TAUGHT! You are appreciated more than you know!